Ignored Through Time: A discussion on the Overlooked Inventions and Artistic Creations of the Black Community

By UCL Laws (other events)

Wednesday, October 18 2023 6:30 PM 8:30 PM BST

About the talk: 

IP is about legally protecting the innovative and creative inventions of individuals. But what happens when not all individuals are treated fairly? This event will bring together panellists to explore the historical contributions of those from Black communities to the Arts. Specifically, it will look at how the contributions have been ignored or overshadowed by a lack acknowledgement both culturally, historically and legally in terms of intellectual property rights.  Following the panel, attendees will be given the opportunity to network with their peers and invited organisations that promote Black talent in the Arts. 


Dr Charisse Beaumont is Chief Executive at Black Lives in Music (, an organisation which aims to achieve equality for Black, Asian and Ethnically Diverse professionals at all levels and in all areas of the UK Jazz and Classical industry. Dr Beaumont has worked closely with award-winning and Grammy-nominated music artists across the UK and US.

Dr Clive Nwonka is an Associate Professor in Film, Culture and Society at the IAS. Dr Nwonka has published extensively on racial inequality in the creative industries, and his research has been featured in a number of publications including The Guardian the New York Times. He is currently leading the largest ever study of racial inequality in the UK film industry.

Stephanie Njoku is a UK Chartered Trade Mark Attorney, the Director and Founder of Neo Percept IP Intellectual Property Law Firm, established in 2020. With a mission to demystify Intellectual Property (IP) and make the law accessible to startups and small business owners, Stephanie has emerged as a trusted guide in the world of IP protection.



This event is co-organised by the UCL Intellectual Property Society and the UCL Laws Race Equality Network. For more information, please contact Dr Jonathan Chan (Laws Race Equality Network Coordinator, [email protected]) or Tasia-Jade Bogle (President, UCL IP Society).


Please arrive up to 15 minutes before the start of the event. The event will take place in the Denys Holland Lecture Theatre. Follow signage from the Bentham House reception to the theatre.